WM3 The Innocent 3

West Memphis Three

I cannot stand
The oblivious
Those who still
Think the WM3 did it
They were targeted
Because they were easy
Targets, victims
Of a witch hunt
That if the cops
Had done their damn job
Would never of happened
But the state
Of Arkansas
Will never admit it
Oh no
Not ever
They would rather
Be wrong
And say
The plea they took
To be free
Is a joke
We all know
If they hadn't
The new trial
Would have been different
But to save the life
Of my hero
Damien Echols
They took it
But not because
They did it but to save
The life
Of an innocent
Think about it
Sadly no"
Damien would
Probably not
Have lasted
That long
And that is the truth

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Well Said

Marvelous write ~~~A~~~