The World Is Built On Differences

The world is built
On differences
That defy understanding
But the more we try
To understand each other
The more we understand
About ourselves
And isn't that
Worth fighting for
The more we understand
About one another
The more we understand
We understand
How different
We are supposed to be
And then one day
Hopefully, finally
We begin to see
All that divides us truly
Is how we see each other
And our unwillingness
To accept a different
Point of view
That for all you know
My very well have a point
But you never know
If you don't let down your guard
Let go your hate
And finally embrace
Who everyone else is
As well as who you are

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Nirvana & Utopia

Difference acknowledgement is critical to a well oiled society, but those same differences include negativity and the lower human scale that mucks it up a bit. We know the problem, but keep analyzing it infinitely ~~~Lady A