Imagine If We Knew (But Will We Ever Care)

Imagine if you knew
What it was
To be the enemy
Would you even try
To finally find
What they really see
Or would you just live
A life of yet another
American spoiled teen
The American dream
Has been stretched to
The very point
That it's original meaning
No longer means
A fucking thing
And yet all we do
Is blame our teens
For falling
And fighting
For a conformity
We never even saw coming
When will we be
What in our dreams
We do see
When will we care
That nothing in
Our life is fair
When will we
Finally care
If someone is or isn't there?

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Questions Start It

Good ones in here, asking the older generation what did yu do to make it better? Answer, we are the narcissus generation--we created long term enemies and nearly (jury still out) crashed the world's economy for greed purposes. You will live lean and transmit penury and self-sacrifice to your children like our grandparents did andor learned after the Great Depression when people lived in their cars. - Lady A