How To Fix A Broken Soul

The broken soul
Of the broken life
That is lived
Can pick
Itself up
And try to start again
But first it must learn
Precisely where to begin
In a world
Consumed by sin
That soul must
Let go
Of where it has been
Stand up
For who it is
and where it is
And begin again
A world of sin
Please my friend
To it
Never give in
Have some common sense
And for yourself
Do think
Because in a world
On the brink
Of pure insanity
The last thing
You ever need
Is someone telling
You how to think

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Pure Insanity

Every generation thinks that of the previous generation, what is left for you to live inside without the wisdom to understand that life is what we individually make it, as you so eloquently stated in the line that begins ~~~the last thing you ever need..." - Lady A