Miracles Or Magic (Either Way It Does happen)

Miracles happen
But most don't see
Those miracles as
They are happening
Because they are
Too busy blaming
Another for why
That miracle had to happen
To begin with
But if you ask me
You say miracle
I say magic
And yes that
Magic it does lie
Within our
Very minds
Yes it does hide
Right behind
Our very eyes
In the depths of
Our very souls
And it shuns
The very
Thought of the conformity
That tries to take control
So my friends
From now until
The very end
Please stay strong
And stand up for what
You know is right
And remember
When you work together
And fight to make things better
Those miracles you seek
You see, will finally
Come to be

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allets's picture

Yeah I Do

Miracles are magic by defintion, when they happen, in spite of necessity or the lack, you know, if you believe. A lady I worked with said she believed in magic and I was shocked - but yeah, I do, it was a koan for me to find the right definition~~~ keep on believing, it keeps you afloat ~~~ LOL ~Lady A