For Quinton (Another Victim Of A Flawed System)

Hang in there Q
Your family and supporters love you
And will never stop
Fighting for you
Another innocent
Brought down
By a fucked up system
Society please
Tell me
When will enough be enough
I have had it up to here
With a system
That goes after only
Who they think they
Can convict
With no regard
To who actually did it
No longer will I stand
For a system
That is so flawed
And I suggest and urge
The entire country
To stand an join me
So hang in there Q
We will never forget about you
And we will never stop fighting for you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is for Quinton Huett. Another victim of a severely flawed justice system.

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God Loves Me Too

I write to prisoners from time to time. I am at if he would like to have poetry sent to him. I need something else to do, writing autobiog and going crazy over it. I have a relative unjustly in prison for 13 years. It is Hellish and mind twisting to have known freedom and to lose it. - This poem spoke volumes to me~~~~~Lady A