What Do You Think?

People living
In a world of greed
Even when they have
All they need
They think they need more
But that need is a want
And nothing more
And I know
One thing for sure
Greed will never be
Worth living for
Nor will it ever be
Worth hating, fighting
Or killing for
So if you ask me
What the world needs
Is a lot more giving
And a lot less greed
A lot more caring
And a lot less hating
A lot more free thinking
And a lot less conformity
But hey that's just
My opinion
What do you think?

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I've Been Thinking...

a lot lately about hatred. My childhood was full of it and now, long since come to terms with it (mostly) I agree with all of this. The greed you made reminds me of the collapsed U.S. financial system, greed as prime suspect. Only the Treasury can make money, but greedy financiers decided be the government for a while, they were flush with too much liquidity. No one went to jail. No one. Write one~~~~Lady A