Johnny (A Tribute To John Lennon)


Johnny had a dream
That he would
Grow up to be
Someone who
Stood for peace
The greatest man
The world did see
And when he grew
His dream came true
He stood for peace
He stood for you and me
But then one day
He was taken away
Someone tried
To silence him
By shooting
Him dead
Oh no
Johnny why
Did you have to go
The world still
Needs a hero
You were
One of a kind
With such a
Peaceful mind
And loving soul
A real true hero
Oh why did
You have to go
Still in the silence
You can hear him
Whispering his
Words of wisdom
All you need is love
Yes love is all you need
No Johnny could
Not be silenced
For wherever
There is violence
He will be
Always there
Whispering his
Words of wisdom
All you need is love

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Love Lennon!

Read a little more up on him though or you tube Julian Lennon his son speaking about his dad candidly (on the French Riviera I believe).You will find that very eye opening. It reveals more about the man and demystifies the myth of him. He wrote some great songs certainly but he projected a peace many times he likely did not always feel. He had his demons and perhaps in those last handful of years of his life he was able to conquer and or cage some of the worst ones and maybe that was why it was then his time to leave this world as he had gone as far as he could in the amount of time he was allotted. I loved his music too and you wrote him a lovely tribute but if you adore him so much read up more on him you will get a better idea that he wrote songs of peace and loving everyone but he could be very cruel and demonstrated it to many people in his life. Julian, his mother Cindy, Sean and his mother Yoko all at different points in time spoke candidly about his less than lovely sides to his personality. He was a very complex mess of a human being but his musical talent was stellar. It made me smile to read a poem written by a fan who was born a few years after he had died. Is a lovely homage you paid him. Thanks for sharing and welcome to our big little community here at post poems. I hope you will be happy and stay a long time. Sincerely, Melissa Lundeen.

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Believe me I have I wrote

Believe me I have I wrote this poem two to three months after discovering him and now I know even more about him that makes me feel less alone. His music literally saved my life now I write to do the same as a way of saying thank you.