The Truth Of Someone Forever Stuck

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
I never asked for this
So why do I feel so guilty
For even saying that
The daughter says
Never wanting to
Hurt anyone
I just want to know
What is truly
Going on
While everyone

You are faking
It's all in your head 
So everyday
Day after day
I give in
And try with
Only half of 
What I could

Truly give
Because no one
Wants to listen
When it comes to 

What my brain 
Actually needs
To truly live

To my hell

Listen please
Just fucking
Hear me
My thoughts
My life matters
Please stop
Counting me out
I am worth

More than
You ever
Bothered to know
Please stop
Counting me out

Verse 2
ADHD brain
Under medicated
No one cares
So why should I 
I mean right?
Why listen to 
your own body
When everyone else
Is all too happy
Tell you
What in the mirror
You should see

I hope you all
Like what you see

Because I barely
Even recognize me
But hey whatever right
As long as I am safe 
Among your standards
Who cares
If I even still
Want to live


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Self-Exam Write


Fascinated by how body/mind perceives, wants enough for everyone for all utopian time.


A baby dies of hunger/thirst as I type these words. No delusions, society/world, near or distant is horror packed with inequality (my people lived with it 400 years from...) Here, it is about self first, family, others if... I gave and gave and hole is bottomless. Still at 72 I want family to have my things. Giving makes me happier.


The earth is good, basically less the media noise. War is  mass killing candy coated with . . .

Enjoy each moment. That is the only lasting and true success or purpose. Just live!