The Day The Dreamers Stood Up

They came

They saw
They conquered

No one saw
Them coming
Those who 
Brought us 

All down
To drown
In the hate we lived
And finally learn
From our sins
Those who we
Pushed aside
Payed no mind
Thought of
As being nothing
They were truly
All along
Those who 
Sick of being
Beaten down
Finally against our idiocy
Decided to stand
The outsiders
The rebels
We saw as nothing
But trouble makers
But to them
Never truly
Even listening
The day 
They woke up
And decided to 
Stand up
Will forever be epic
And remembered 
As the day
The dreamers
Stood up
And society
Got it's 
Sanity back

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inspiring beautiful igniting to action



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Thank You!!!!!!!