Blind Rhetoric

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Blind rhetoric
Hate filled
And toxic

From mad men
Spreading madness
And chaos

That keeps 
Killing us 

Over and over again
As those responsible
Keep pointing

Their greedy fingers 
At us
Instead of them
Why is this the country
We have become
America what have we done

Blind rhetoric
Toxic bullshit
We fall for

Every day
Tell me society
When to the truth
Are we finally
Going to 
Fucking wake

Or is it already too late

Verse 2
Pointing fingers

At the wrong
People to blame
In order to by
The bad guys
Still get paid
That's the bottom line
Expendable statistics 
In exchange 
For a big pay day
Pawns in the
Governments game
Given no say
In whether or not
We even consent to play
We are meaningless

Just numbers to them anyway
But hey as long as we have
The illusion of freedom
At the end of the day
We really don't
Seem to care 
Now do we



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allets's picture

"...the illusion of freedom..."

Truth! slc