Dear Society

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Dear society
We are the dreamers
Believers and rebels
You have left behind
To live the shadows
Of your madness
Sick of your lies
While your leaders
Blindly lead the blind
Had it with your
Hatred and greed
As far as the eye can see
Enough is enough
Now it's our time
Yes our time to rise

One violent act
After another
Welcome to what
We have become
We won't have it
We won't stand for it
Our time is now

Verse 2
Day after day
We are awaking
To nothing but
More and more
Chaos that society
Is making
And proudly
Blindly living in
Immersed in sin
While down everyone's throats
They keep shoving
Their religion
Pointing fingers
Shifting blame
Their never ending game
This madness ends today


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lyrycsyntyme's picture

You have a real talent for

You have a real talent for creating flowing lyrics. Both of your songs that I've read so far are strong in structure and emotion. 


As for the world, it seems like most of us just desire at this point to pull apart from anyone whom is different from us - either in look, social culture or ideology - like two matching magnetic poles. And, just like them, we can't see just how much alike we are, as we drift further from each other.