Our Hero Markiplier


Verse 1
The youtuber 
Who inspires 
Like no other
Millions raised for charity
Always there 
For you and me
Best friend
To 19 million subscribers
And counting
Brings hope
To all of us
Just by making us laugh

Having a bad day?
If Mark can't make it better
No one can



A hero to me
And one to you

Ask his over
19 million subscribers
They'll tell you

There is no one better
Than the one and only


Verse 2

Hard working 
Fan appreciating
Money for charity
Constantly raising

Always an individual
Who encourages us 

To be and love ourselves
For who we all are
Because no matter what
Anyone else says
We all matter

Cares more about 
Every single one of us
Than he can ever truly express
Though that doesn't stop him
From trying
If only he truly knew
How we truly love him
As much as he loves us 
And then some


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