Our World Of Hate

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
A world 
Full of the vicious 
And villains
Head strong
And soulless 
Wondering how 
We become 
So meaningless
Life so black and white
How the hell can we possibly
Call the madness
That we see 
As right 
Everyday we fight
But for what 

We know isn't right
Hatred over love
And being open minded
Has left us all 
Beyond blind
Clueless and frigid
Welcome society
To what we have become

Love is life
Hate is death
That we let destroy
Everything around us
In the name 

Of our own bullashit
Come on society
Wake up!!

Verse 2
Hating and killing

In the name of
Your god here

That is the society 
We have become
Oh how far 
We have fallen
In the name of 
Someone who is
Supposed to unite us
We hate, kill, and do
All that we can 
To divide us
Create hell on earth
With no real reason
Why for
Racism and gay rights
Under this administration
Right out the window
Yet still we ask
When it comes
To this hell
How we got here



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Profit Motive

Or greed, same difference - causes hell on earth, jealousy, lust, lack of faith - the list is long. Flip side~smiles and joyous occasions, right living, and security (mostly). 



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this world is full of evil

this world is full of evil people,great song

ron parrish