Christian Extremists Killed God

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
They killed God today
Yes they killed him 
For a profit
And their own benefit
Oh what a day
They killed him

In his name

Their blasphemy
Then immediatly
Started pointing fingers
And placing blame
But what do you expect
From a society
That treats life like it's a game 

Christian extremists
False prophets
And deceivers
Selling God with hate
The devils game
One they are all
To happy to play
Why are anyone 
Following them anyway

Verse 2
Twisting the words 
Of the bible
To make them
Work with the 
Blind hatred 
In their hearts
That they sell 
To us on a
Daily basis
Through lies
And fear
The bible says
Love thy neighbor
But according to them
That's wrong
Try hate instead 
Because apparently 
They suddenly know
Better than God
It's all just sickening



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lyrycsyntyme's picture

Nicely structured song.

Nicely structured song. Sadly, it's true, that the better potential of any belief often drowned out in the public squares by those whom "beat plowshares into swords."