We Are You (Come Find Your Truth)

We get knocked down
But don't stay long

You blink

And we are already

Right back up again 
Moving forward
Carrying on
Braced to 
Fight back
Anger and violence
Are just not our thing
Neither is being 
A door mat
Or a so called

Punching bag
For those to
Verbally rip apart

Just to make

Feel better 

We are stronger
Better than that
No matter what shit
Haters have said
So go ahead
Keep talking haters

Yes please do
Because the more
You talk
The more we will
Always rise above
And be proud 
Of who we are
The dreamers
The rebels
The freedom fighters

In a society
So lost in conformity

It as a whole
Has lost it's very identity 
We are your identity
Dear society

The one you

So long ago
Left behind
And we are
Come find us

Find your truth

Find you 



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borbug's picture

Soooo true....perfectly

Soooo true....perfectly penned, bravo