The Friendship Connection

What I feel, it isn't fire,

it isn't steam, it isn't love,

it's not obscene



What I know, when you're around,

we're totally close, still on the ground,

mindwise, thoughts in tune,

levelheaded, not on the moon.



You can hold my hand ,be in my space,

come near me, face to face,

I won't freak and start to run,

cuz' when I'm with you,

I have fun.



I can talk in rivers with a flow,

curiously, caringly,on the word Go!

Never matters where the subject ends,

cuz' I know, I know, you'll always

be my


By lilwinky

Written April 3rd,1998

Dedicated to: Josh S.

P.S. I miss you!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this on the same day or next after meeting and really connecting as a friend with my neighbor....he is a very intelligent and interesting person, whom I can still call "My Friend!"

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