Would There Could There Be A Haunted House?


Would there, could there be a house

that is scary even to a mouse?

A huge dark cavern of waiting

unknowns, of ghostly happenings

and horrible moans?

It sits, it lurks, it's hidden in the

trees, the wind it howls and nobody


the walking shadows in the rooms,

the dark places, where danger looms...

the spiral staircase that climbs

so steep, the imagery on the

walls that keep....

making strange faces and

moving about, most ghost

gawkers may want to shout!

A haunted treasure of lore and

myths, the neighborhood's house

with ghosts adrift...

the cold spots are "here and

there", the ghost hunters they

come but do not fear...

the sounds the smells, the

wayward creaks of a haunted

home that dares to speak!

If you or I, have seen this place,

dare we enter this dark

gloomy space?

For I , not you, certainly

say, this is a haunted house,

in this time and day..

I would rather hear the tale,

then stand amidst the dreary

wails, and hear the loathsome

grating howls, that this

house cries when all is foul....

and so I say, and walk back

to, a pleasanter area without you!

You can roam, and seek and

find, if you want , on your own time...

but, mark my words and hear me

well, this house is under it's own


So if you're brave, and

brave at best, take that walk

and test, test, test....see if it's

really what they say, the scariest

house, in the light of day!

Author's Notes: By lilwinky*/ladykelshan*/luvscoco99*

*penames also known as Julie A.Katz-O'Neill

Written Tuesday August 16th, 2006

Would there could there be a ReALLy ScArY HaUnTeD HoUsE?

Thanks to Dr. Suess too! LOL!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just thought about what if there was a house like this out in the middle of the woods, somewhere...and it made people so curious as to want to visit it....wouldn't you want to?!?

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

in answer to your authors comment, sure I'd be up to see one. Suggest when time permits read the story the fall of the house of usher that will give you chills...