After 10 Years

10 years ago my angel flew away,

And I may never know why he had to go, I just know he could not stay.

10 years ago seems like such a long time,

For me to want something so bad that was never truely mine.

For the 10 years you have been gone, I don't have alot to show,

Maybe the millions of tears I have cried into my pillow.

10 years off far to many nights of crying myself to sleep,

10 years of trying to heal an unhealable wound, because the pain is just to deep.

Even after 10 years, I still find it hard to believe.

And after 10 years I still grieve.

I still don't know why you had to leave,

And after 10 years sometimes it still hurts to breathe.

After 10 years my heart is still broken,

So many word left between us unspoken.

After 10 years I hope with everything in me, that deep down you know,

I love and miss you so much, and I hate that you had to go.

After 10 years not a day goes by that I don't think of you,

I can promise I will think you all my tomarrows too.

Happy 10th birthday Houston JaeDan,

I know the angels will love you and hold you,

Until we meet agian, and I can.

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    My condolances on the



My condolances on the loss of your son. God bless you both. Sensitive and touching poem.