Untitled -- 4.13.2009

Mommy felt you move,

And I heard you heart beat.

I held you in my arms,

And I counted the fingers on your hands,

And the toes on your feet.

Daddy watched mommy’s eyes light up,

When we found out you was on the way,

And wandered what first word you would say.

Daddy rubbed mommy’s tummy and talked to you,

Mommy hoped to do your nursery in pink,

Daddy hoped for blue.

Daddy wanted another boy to chase after,

We could not wait for you to feel our home with laughter.

But the day you left, Mommy knew deep down something was wrong,

When Mommy went to pieces,

For me Daddy stayed strong.

In the days that fallowed Mommy cried, and cried, and cried,

Daddy buried  his  pain down deep inside.

He stayed solid as a rock he refused to brake down.

But he almost did the day we laid you in the ground.

In the last 5 years the hardest thing I have had to do,

Is learn to live my life with out you.

I have heard it said that life is not fair,

And now I know that to be true.

Because you should be here, your up there.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I miss you as much today, as I did 5 years ago when you flew away.

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Aden Recreated's picture

This was a sad poem--I think most mothers who have lost a child during pregnancy or even during birth could most relate to this. But that's just my opinion.

Nice work :)

--Aden Recreated