Yes, my heart still hurts,

Yes, the tears still fall.

On days like today, I hate it all.

I hate the fact you won't let me grieve,

My angel that had to leave me.

You say it has been a month,

Yes I know I count the days.

But how can I understand a child,

Dying that never got to live.

Yes my heart still breaks,

And I wonder how much more I can take.

Yes I still miss him, and I always will,

You say "get over it", "he is dead and gone".

For the love of God, my child has not been gone that long.

Why do you not want me to grieve?

And if I did not cry and did not miss him,

What kind of mother would I be?

Yes I have a child that is alive, but that don't replace the one that is dead,

You were not the one to give birth to him all alone, you were not the one to kiss his little head.

You will never know my pain and how I feel,

Until the day I die, I will think of him still.

He is my son, who I love so much.

I will forever miss his touch.

So if you have something to say to me, just picture yourself in my shoes.

And ask yourself what would you do.

If you want to know what hell on earth is,

God forbid you ever lose one of your kids.

The pain I feel, I will everyday,

I want to hurt, I need to cry, so please don't take that away.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was so so mad after my son died, so I started to write and this poem is a result of the pain and hurt I was going through

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