Talking to God

God I don't blame you anymore,

But I admit at one time I did,

But Brandi was only 17, Lord, she was just a kid.

And why she had to go I guess I will never understand,

But I guess it was just part of your master plan.

Letting go was one of the hardest things,

I have ever had to do,

But I know she is better off in heaven with you,

But I stil feel like there is so much she is missing out on,

God can it be that she is really gone,

I am going to have a little one soon,

She will never see,

I miss the best part of me.

Lord, why does letting go hurt so much,

It may get a little easier with time, but not much.

God I still cry,

Please help me to understand why.

Why it hurts to remember,

But I could never forget.

Even after 2 years, I still get upset.

Lord can you help to ease the pain,

Because when I try my efforts seem to be in vain.

God I just want you to understand.

I am having a hard time , without my best friend.

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Obaid Sardar's picture

well may god bless ur child...this poem shows ur deep luv for ur child...well i must say that this is good work...u have expressed ur feelings in poetry form very well... i luv it...