My best friend

My best friend is forever gone,

I don't know where things went wrong.

I try to sleep but find no rest,

I need someone to talk to, but you knew me best,

Things are not the same without you here.

Everything I once conquered I now fear,

My mind is flooded with memories I cannot forget,

Everyday I find myself filled with regret.

I hide my feelings, I won't let them show,

Maybe if no one can see my pain they won't know.

I lost my best friend and I don't know how to cope,

Where I once saw a future, I see no hope.

I have no dreams for life, it is all gone,

How can something so right go wrong?

I feel things I don't understand,

Why did I lose my best friend?

Everything I once belived in feels like a lie,

My whole world crumbled the day you died.

My heeart feels empty and black,

Nothing will ever bring you back.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i miss you more than any one will ever know

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