Down near the southern border
The road had a way of winding
Into you
Into me
Our faces were smeared
with Indians blood
Our bodies belonging
to the land by birth
Newborn babies
Among the wild beasts
Circling the fire
Favor the Mother
in the dance
Beat of the drum
Favor the Father
in the smoke
Beat of our hearts
Earth and Sky


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love a good road trip

like it was written by the wise men

you won't be part of the parade

if you don't hit the road

just another lonely traveler



"One of the best results of life, is the torment of love"

Dylan Eliot

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you could taste heaven

you could taste heaven perfectly 

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Very primative feel to this

Very primative feel to this poem, I think American history is quite interesting and really well documented on tv etc. The only American history I studied at college was W.W 2. Someone I heard won that war; whilst in the meantime politicians are busily deployed including right now in the present; more than chipping away at our Consumer, Citizen and Consumer rights. Who knows they will probably re-start w.w.2. a world war two again. I notice quite a likeness in history of your native American tribes history there in America and the earlier history of early Europeans in Europe.