We Only Hurt The Ones We Love

Hambre del Alma

Do you not know,

that I have loved you so much,

and so little at times,

that even as I write this,

I have already considered throwing it away


Do you know how many of these letters I 

have burned

or balled up

or never gave life to


I confess,

I have whispered selfish things into

a cold night

I have wished you back

I have wished it was me you bleed for


I am just a machine without you

Looking out of windows

Pretending that it rains because

you have thought of my eyes

or my hands

Imagining that the sun only sets because

you also whisper in the night


And if I close my mind off,

I can dream these selfish things

Live them, everyday, before the

day breaks and I awaken


I do that because I do not want

to ruin your blue paradise

So I lie

and will continue to elude you forever

However long it takes,


I can wait. 

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running_with_rabbits's picture

it rained because you imagined my eyes...

this piece is so strong. I felt a bit jarred by the ending, not sure if it was just unexpected or if the feeling of not telling someone how you really feel because it will break thier happiness and you value their happiness, sometimes above your own, was just so well expressed that I forgot  was feeling it till you reminded me and it jarred me


I am leaning towards the second

Much Love


a.griffiths57's picture

  You are certainly hurting


You are certainly hurting in this poem, like your usage of words. The longing in this poem is a strong feeling. Maybe you'll be happier moving on. Good poem, good read.