"We Could Strip Down To Our Aching Bones"

The Letters



I am still tethered to your bones
and I've tried to cut the thick rope of
this aftermath

Because you sell apathy like apples on
a market square
I can't do that.


You shredded my dreams, now they
look like starry glitter on the ceiling
You think it's the right thing,

the best,

that I lie alone in dark rooms counting out the
few pieces I have left

 I don't just bend baby,

I break too
My body is on the floor, where it
is cold

holding the phone
because you called on a Saturday morning


Two days before I whispered aloud that
you should find me
Maybe you felt it, like a small quake


Oh I am a foolish thing


And I will continue to put on this face
so you don't have to feel guilty
for ripping my life apart
or for the fact that the only thing
you lost was me
and never putting my shoes on to
see that you took every fucking thing I
was ever proud of or
loved profoundly
I have gravely lost, darling

But I've got this face on
so you don't have to hurt
And I will take the sting from out your bones,

and inject it into my bones
still picking up the phone when you
want to know that I am happy or

Better off


But i am not


Sometimes I've just got to get that out
So I put it here, where I know you won't find it
Even if you do,

you'll just make out with someone else

with Jameson on your breath
and you will forget what I tasted like


Dream shredder

Forever yours and

never again
like a fire that takes down an
entire town
on a long long night
You just stand there watching
as I burn alive, telling you I'll be fine


I am the only one who will ever love you like that


So you take my ashes
and spread them over the

lookout rocks on the
Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway

and they will look like glitter in
the sunlight
and the infinite pieces of my soul will

cling to your clothes and
fly away as your blow smoke out the window


I am your matyr baby,

your soul mate suicide bomber
ten years believing in you
when no one else did


But you were the one that took
me out like trash
I guess it was collection day
and you said you had too many things needing
to go
I just didnt know that it was
actually only me


and I still hang on like an idiot,

to a rope that was always yours
I never tied you down
that was you
the whole time

And I will never quite understand why I was

the one that had to die in this situation


I died anyway

for you

and I'd do it again.










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I was completely moved by this...your writing is whimsical and gritty at the same time, I wish I could write the same! Soulmate suicide bomber <3

Let your teeth show

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Thank you. This one is

Thank you. This one is incredibly personal to me because it is in fact a true story. It will be the last one I think about her. It was my letting go speech pretty much. No sense in holding onto a person who let go of you like you were nothing. No matter how deeply you care for them. But that's life and love and there's nothing pretty about it my dear. 

"It is a terrible thing to be so open. It is as if my heart put on a face and walked into the world" -- Sylvia Plath.

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Heartache Hurts

To be left and still in love hurts. Been there, stayed clear of there a long time. Try again when the skies clear - Alone is not good. The heart heals. It does and will if it has not already. I loved once and he died. I healed, and remember. Peace ~ Star~