Just hang on

Just hang on for it wont be long,
you'll be happy and proud in a short time
to see all that you've done for family and
friends truly does matter.

Just be calm its almost here a new life for,
all of us that are so dear ,clean and sweet
happy and sound peace within are hearts
no tears to burn just the sound of laughter
from you're family and friends all chatting

with the child a bay happy a kid again
loving every moment of it with you all
he will grow up proud and tall.

so just relax take a breath it all will come,
to us within a blink of an eye and all will
be happy to live the rest of our lives

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is for my dear friend joanne

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Thank you sweetheart. This

Thank you sweetheart. This made me cry. I pray for that day to come soon. And it is so beautifully written.