Are you Happy?

Life goes on

You’ve opened doors and closed them

Hard but you will not leave me scared.

I never knew what I could have

Without you,

Are you happy?

Now that you’ve gone

You could be so wrong.

My life is coming together

Possibilities are all around

I am finally walking on solid ground.

Do not get me wrong it is still hard

Without you’re kiss, on lonely nights

Like this,

 But all in good time

It shall pass through

The looking glass,

Are you happy?

With me not near can you see

Thing’s oh so clear,

It is what you wanted so I guess?

It must be for the best,

So are you happy?

Maybe not.

I’m happy not to the fullest,

 Nevertheless, one day I will be happy again

Therefore, I say thank you for what you have,



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