your beautiful

Life goes on

You are beautiful in every way no matter

What they say

Know that it is true because of me

I would never lie to you

Your face so soft

And skin so bright

God you are beautiful

I want to hold you tight

With your beautiful heart next to mine

Beating together entwined

Till the end of time

You are beautiful in every way

Do not let anyone say different

I will always see your beautiful face and take in

Every embrace for it is you a beautiful bloom  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

to my self

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comment on the poem guys... (zzzzz  )  ... nice tone to the work leo..


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very nice flows beautifully :)

very nice flows beautifully  :) 

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Sheesh.. "YOU'RE"-you

Sheesh.. "YOU'RE"-you are--NOT "Your"

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sanctus your poetry will not make up for your arrogance

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You think it is arrogant to

You think it is arrogant to assist people to write CORRECTLY? This is literature, or did you not realize that?

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How you say something is

How you say something is important Sanctus.  Your advice was correct and helpful, but your tone was arrogant...  Why the "sheesh?"

Jason Minton
PostPoems Admin

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PS: I didn't "say" anything.

PS: I didn't "say" anything. I wrote my reply. :-) (LOL)

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Because one of my pet peeves

Because one of my pet peeves is spelling. I detest incorrect spelling. In simpler terms, it irritates the fuck out of me. But since my advice seems unwanted, as of now I'll cease commenting on anyone's work from this point on. God knows the bulk of the work I spend time reading/commenting upon does not seem to cause the authors to at least have the courtesy  to return the favour

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thank you all

thank you all for youre comments