jupiter and I

heart broken

The fifth from the sun,

The weirdest one of them all

Nothing but gases so very combustible,

A very dark hole that sinks inside

Its rings disappearing

Not a clue why

One minute is orange then a gray,

The dark spot never seems to change.

It grows bigger and darker things,

Fading away

Nevertheless, no one knows why what he or she says is

Where’s the answer,

No one knows.

All we can do is watch it grow,

Combustible gases is all there seems to be

So how do we learn from it?

If no one can breathe

From what we know,

You think it suffers pain,


I am the fifth from the sun,

 Also the weirdest of them all

Hurt and pain

 Sad and lonely are my gases

Being combustible from what is in me.

A dark hole where my heart once belong,

Seems to be growing within

Bigger it gets and things fade away.

I ask why no one knows,

So all we do is watch it grow.

I cannot breathe from combustible gases

Do I learn from it?

If I cannot, breathe,

This knowledge of what I was tot,

Seems to say that no matter

A planet or man

We must all suffer from pain

The same


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Quite good really. Some

Quite good really. Some spelling mistakes though.