I Know her!

I feel her anger and understand
I feel her desire for a helping hand

i hear her call out in anguish
and know her hurt as no one answers her wish

i know her well, i know her pain
i know of the tears that fall as rain

i know of the sleepless nights
as anxiety wraps around her tight

i know of her endless days
as sleep begins to play

I know her....

she cant help being defensive
she knows no other way to live

she needs to be hard
so she stays on guard

she watches her back
always ready to attack

she cant help but trust no one, not even herself.
I understand her well and still i cant help myself.

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Great Write! yes we all know someone like this

and that there is someone like this inside of us when were facing stress of the unknown. uncertainty is a horrible experience its like the ground gives way under your feet and you grab the first thing you can hold on to and start yelling at it to sit still so you can get a better grip but all its trying to do is balance its self. yeah I like your poetry ;) good Juice! :) SS

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