Promise me
you'll never leave me alone,
when your hands are weak
And tired to hold on


promise me
you'll never run away,
when i became poor
And cant pay the bills

promise me
you'll never share with another,
what we both enjoy

whenever i'm not around



promise me
you wont tell me to leave,
when things go worse
And I cant do my job a bit



promise me,
you'll never get mad,
when i tell you i want
to take in a second wife



Oh! Dearie I cant
it's just you and me for life



Promise me
you can still hold on,
And I'll show you a new world...

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Almost A Wedding Poem - Dearie

Promise me you will work

hard to support my needs

and I will promise

to keep other women



Promise me you will rise

in status and fame among

our family and friends

so long as I am

the only one, the only



Promise me you will

for as long as breath holds

you, for the ever poet's

talk about, for the sake

of our children and the

sake of ourselves, promise

to come home at the end

of every day or call

when you cannot.