Far From Perfect


My hair is not long enough “grow your hair longer”

I’m not tan enough, “get dark, baby”

I’m not thin enough; you never say a word about my body

You don’t like the silly things I have to say

“Babe, why don’t you just sit down and be quiet”

You say you don’t like her anymore,

That you both have your own lives,

You both have moved on

You call her ugly words and then make out with me

You are all over me, all I see is you

I take you in willingly

Then a minute later you tell her how beautiful she is

This is all so messed up

I don’t think you mean anything you say

And if you do I don’t want to hear it anymore

I want to be deaf to your voice and blind to your face

I want you to prove yourself

I want you to chase me and bring me back to last night

When I felt so close to you

When I spoke out loud that I thought we were meant to be

When you kissed me over and over

I need you to fight for this

I need you to make changes

I need to make mental adjustments

I wish I were numb to this pain

Pain you probably won’t see as serious at all

You might even be mad at me when you hear what I had to say

When you receive my messages

I don’t care anymore

It would be so much easier for me to just let you walk all over me

I am used to lying down and letting people do what they want to me

But you’re not just anyone

You’re you and you’re suppose to love me

You’re the one that is supposed to be so wonderful

You have let me down

You have crushed my hope that all is well in the world

Now I know you will never be over her

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