We Fall Into Each Other


We fall into each other’s arms

Only to be swatted away

We love without knowing what we’re getting into

It’s sticky and we’re cautious

Slowly filing away regret

Slowly learning how to speak again

My mouth is full of honey

Lips pouted from the sweetness pouring down

Your eyebrows arched, curious if I’m for real

The fire is searing my prominent features

Your eyes are moist with tears

I wrote those words to tell you I love you

And you were quiet and crying

The couch ate the remote

When we found it we couldn’t stop talking

The volume was broken but you could hear my hearts pleas

When you leave it’s too quiet

When you speak my name my mind’s aflame

You’re my comfort when I’m tired

Leaning upon your laughter

Learning from your sighs

Your eyes question me often

And no, I will never leave your side

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To Michael

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ur poem

very nice :)