I couldn’t hit the ball

So I decided to sit down and smoke

They circled in like crows with their calls

And here I came with the introductions and little jokes

You had hazel eyes

They were lit up from inside

Your hat was low and you played it cool

I saw you leaning against the pool table

I wanted to lean into you

I did just that and you leaned back

Shocking me with the response that all these other guys lacked

You asked for my number

I turned you down

Hurt your ego and missed you when you weren’t around

I thought about you everyday afterwards

Passed up an angel with those hazel eyes

Found you again with a surprise

Sought you out and we compromised

Found ourselves together again

This hole in my heart being filled with your sideway glances

Giddy chances, similar statements and accomplishments

It was fast paced and just right

The missing piece to my puzzled mind

The future is unmistakable

You’re irreplaceable

So winding up in your kitchen was the next step

And then outside on the gravel driveway tying your shoe

You kept looking at me expecting the best

And I kissed you and you kissed me like you just knew

I can’t blame you for this

I can’t put it all on you

I was the one that couldn’t resist

Being addicted to you

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Michaelangel Whiteley

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Another good piece Meagan. congrats! x