I think this is all so ridiculous

This is so incredulous

I am vindictive when messed with

And are you doing this just to make me jealous?

You are calling her name

I fear it’s all just the same

You claim it’s not with a smile and a nod

Maybe a ‘swear to God’

I don’t need that

Words are just that

Nothing but empty space, hot air and noise

I cannot voice my dislike for her enough


Why do you cling to her memory?

Why do you drop her name?

Why must you hurt me this way?

You don’t know what this does to me

It’s like history on repeat

I have been here before

I have felt the fire the heat

Rising off my face when her name I hear

Am I nothing to you my dear?

Must you keep in touch with the one who wrecked your life?

Must you keep in touch with the one who lied?

I would never do that to you

Lay with someone with the thought of you on my heart

Dear, I know we must never part!

So please make a fresh start

With me as the one you see

As the one you dream of

The one you believe

My frustration has dissipated for now

But this situation I cannot allow

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MisterSuperstar's picture

Gosh! This one is very emotive. I'm feeling some anguish toward a certain female??
In all seriousness though, this is a good bit of reading, you can feel what your feeling.. bravo x