When You Sleep


The black blood thirsty panther

Snuck up behind us on the porch

Smiling sweetly is all we knew

Felt his breath on the back of my neck

But I'm not scared at all

I see the evil in his eyes

Feel it creep out of the corners of his room

Crawling in my viens

Memorized the scent of hemp spread across his body

Kin to sleep

We stepped outside and you ran clear out of sight

Memorized the feeling through your calves

Running through the wet grass

Your whole body tensing in and out

I'm abandoning all my senses

And crossing into yours

Memorized that spark right out of your eyes

And I'm not scared at all


Author's Notes/Comments: 

to: joshua lee cagle

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MisterSuperstar's picture

i love your descriptions in this poem luv, i see you r a fan of my work, ive become one for yours.

Steve x