Can't Handle


give it a week and you'll come

unglued, give it a week and you're

back to the original you.

I can't handle this change when

your smile was so bright in your

truck that night... so happy to

have me back, so close, not thinking

about how entangled I'd become, how

much I'd care cuz you were once

'the one'. Now I'm dreading to find

out what you did today, where you

went to

don't crawl back into your dark place

stay up front within our space, you

have so much potential, my 'jack

of all trades' and I'm guessing it's

better to happen this day then in

the days to come... I can't handle this

change, my heart can't handle...

quit jack

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vipervenomnu's picture

Practically perfect! It seems like you used inside knowledge so it was a poem directed at Jack. Probably written to give to him or somethin you wish you could tell him. Very good.