the shadows shiver in place embracing

your beautiful face and just in case

your eyes flare I'm gonna look away and

not even dare to stare at you,

you'll vanish soon back into the moon

and I'll find myself back on that porch

of hell,

I can't kill it so I tell everything

the shadows move as I come closer to

you, I came as I am, the space between

our hearts is narrow, just enough room

you'll tell of all the lands you've seen

and risk being open with me, it's all

a risk but what could you possibly gain

remaining sane? your eyes will find the

hooded things in this dark...

                  gently comb my heart of what you want.

you're excitment from the other night

ignited me into memories that have not

yet occured... so I'll follow you and

all your hurt, hand it to me, I'll take

it away, easily.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

..everything you might have to experience twice..

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vipervenomnu's picture

I read this one several times just to be sure I understood were you were taking me. I don't know what this poem means, perhaps there is a struggle of some sort taking place but I don't see it. The title is also a bit odd, why did you choose to call it "tired"? Why are you tired?