Untitled -- 9.11.2005


I'm feeling you beneath my lips

I crave you for too many days

And you pushed me away

Rushed out of my car and

Your mouth blocked my path

I threw the ring away with no evaluation

Cuz I'm hysterical

I'm pivotal and chaotic

Fickle its all so ironic

This enigma of emotion

I'm all motion and I'm fine

This rejection is sublime

And god you didn't even speak to me

You didn't even look at me

I'm shutting up now

You're not worth my time

I'm gonna cry


This is me getting over you

So slow


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is about my ex. I messed up by trying to kiss him after we broke up. He pushed me away.

god and it sucked.

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exthias1983's picture

This is a very well written poem. I am sorry that the circumstances for your inspiration had to be as bad as they were, but something you should remember is that God is always watching you. He knows your heart, and he loves you. Yeah, I know this probably sounds like what every other Christian has told you, but I say it from my own experience. Oh, and a good saying that I learned a long time ago is that "there are other fish in the sea"...keep writing, you are very good at it.

Nick Pepalinski's picture

Very nice, love it..

vipervenomnu's picture

Beautiful piece of poetry. I mean you, not the poem. The poem is also very beautiful, and I love the way you bring your emotion to the words and press them down on me. I can amost feel these words coming off the page. You almost took me there.