Hidden Pictures


Put away to the back of my mind

Until I find that glint in your eyes

Into deeper I veiw the real you

You're confused

Your soul scares me

You're split into

Back then this was not identified

You were a spy

You spied me

Took into control my voice

My eyes and heart

But you I never could identify

Emptiness in the pit of my stomach

I feel as your eyes reveal

More to me that I had never seen

I had seen you so many times...

And something always hovering

In the back of my brain

There was something of you hidden

I have just now discovered you

As I lay helpless here

Brought back to times tried and almost forgotten

Stumbling upon unwanted memories

Makes me see the blessings

The future without your secrets lives

Your private I's

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vipervenomnu's picture

This is a great poem. There is so much mystery in the eyes of this person you speak of. You want to know them but they won't let you. Sometimes people speak without words, actions say things too you know. Look for them not in audible things. They lie as much in what is not said than in what is said and speak to you in ways you do not think you understand. Believe me when I say that one day all will be visible to you closed eyes. You will see the things that you don't see now and they will seem so obvious. I wrote a couple new poems. You should check them out. hit me back just to chat sincerly yours mr. spratt.