Your Day


I want this to be special

I want this to be great

because I will forever love you

even when you move out of state

I will think about you daily

and keep you in my prayers

call you 30 times a day

and be the one who cares

I want this to be wonderful

and words that stay in your mind

because this is the best day!

it's your birthday, Brian's day,

and you're mine....

I want this to be terrific

I want this to be unique

because you're so sweet

and you hate to drink

you're not a 'bad influence'

you're not a 'bad kid'

you influence me everyday

to be the best I can

and you always pick me up

when I'm down...

I want you to be able to tell

this apart from the rest

because to me, you will NEVER be

second best...

Now, listen to what I'm sayin'

because it's from my heart to you


and 'the moon will always shine for you'.....

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vipervenomnu's picture

Interesting word choices. I felt as if you were trying to hard on this one. I wonder, what was your goal, and did you meet it? It has a lot of rhythm and a lot of meaning but the rhyme is a bit to simple. Sometimes simple is good. I liked it a lot. Keep writing for me!

Laura Campos's picture

Wonderful poem , keep up the great work I loved it ! take care of yorself bye !