A Rush Of Thoughts


I listen to your voice on the other end of the line

Listen to you tell me how brightly I shine

When it's you that embarrasses the moon

You glow without trouble

You glow with grace and it's written all over your face

How much you care for me

When you stare at me

Stare so deeply into my eyes

And when your beautiful perfect face is before me

I'm so grateful it's you that adores me

All those times you had been there before me

I had felt your gaze but had to look away

I was blind without knowledge

Blind without sight

Walking around in a dark world without REAL love

Without you loving me with all of your might

Your powerful touch I had not known

And your joy when you're next to me

Running into me through my bones

And it's in your arms where I call home

It's in the way you flow around

Without anything getting you down

The way you smile

Even when you feel level with the ground

The tears come and all I wanna do is hold you so near

All I wanna do is know every space within and around you

I wanna see you everyday

And be familiar with every expression that comes

Across your face

I will close my eyes and listen to your laughter

Until I'm so happy that I cry

A year not even that long then you'll be gone

A year not even that long

I'll prove you wrong

I'm gonna touch you and hold you

Until you have to push me off

I'm gonna kiss you so much that you'll tell me to back off

I'm gonna memorize you until your every thought I'm intune to

I wanna fullfil your every dream

I wanna be your fantasy

The oxygen you breathe I wanna be the only thing you see

I'm gonna do all of this and still be me

And that's what's great about you

You love me and you'll help me be anything

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have been told this is a perfect poem. Thanks Jonathan :P

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vipervenomnu's picture

I have no suggestions, it's pretty much perfect. 'tis is spelled like that! In the line after that you wrote nuch when it is suppose to be much. If you choose to, correct those small mistakes and then delete this. God knows I can't spell and I would love it if someone would correct my little spelling mistakes.