The Moon Is So Bright


Forward into the dark I laugh

The light from my lamp becoming softer

The light from my laughter filling the room

And on the other end I hear words that amuse me

More words that confuse me

Many lines of 'the moon is so bright'

Falling from your heart to mine

All these words come from a different place

A different time

All I want to do is rush to your side

Sit and wait until more tides of laughter

Between us is shared

Nothing but happiness fills the air

'This all comes in waves, silly boy'

I will remember all that you say to me and

Under your charm you take my mind away

I will find a way to be with you today

Tomorrow and the moon will eternally

Glow for you and you alone

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vipervenomnu's picture

Why are you always the moon? I'm always the moon and the moonshine in my poems as well, but I have a reason to be. I'll tell you if you ask. It's really very simple.