Time Spent In Deep Thought Of You


your laughter is filling

all the space around you

as you laugh so hard you cry

and all the faces you've

known for so long get to

experience you for as long

as the night goes on

I thought about you tonight

when my time was sucking so bad

I thought about driving to you

but I knew you were somewhere

else having fun with someone else

without me

... you're so care free

you do what you want in your

own unique cool exciting way and you

play and do stupid crazy things

and don't give a crap what people

think or say

you're my favorite person in

the world, I would love just

to hang with you all day

but until that day comes I will

just have to settle for what I've got

I've got the best friend I've always

wanted, the time of my life is spent

with you, Brian.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

to my bestest friend in the whole world, the one that can make me smile when no one else wants to...

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vipervenomnu's picture

I have a Brian, but her name is Caitlin! Seems like he doesn't notice you as much as you would like. Let me give you some advice. Give him enough time to ralize how special you are, and then let him miss you.