you can't be explained

you remind me of uncharted teritory

you're unknown to us all, exciting and care free

a real shocker is what you live for I think

and you shock me everyday with all the things  

you say to make me laugh...

your eyes I could get lost in sometimes

but that's when I have to look away

because I don't want to see all the

pain you hide inside

but then again I would bear all your pain

cuz I want to take it away and leave

you breathless and free

I get so depressed but I know you're the

one that can take it away the best

I laugh and laugh and laugh some more

but you'll always keep in store more things

to enlighten me on so I won't get bored with

this ride I'm on...

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I can't helpbut to wonder who

I can't helpbut to wonder who this is about. They sound impressive. I hope they never let you down.