chipped swing, birds swooping overhead

that is when I left my bed

my pillows, my rest

did you think I was gonna take it good

and easy,

not a tear shed?

I was "the best"...

jumping dog, fireflies

please let me just close my eyes

hide my brain, my heart from your face

oh, your profile

strong   and you scared me

chilly concrete steps

rough and scratchy as your face

but I like it that way

side-ways glance at me

on the verge of my fall

red and hot,

my face will smart

and be swollen for days to come

for days to come

my phone you won't ring

you're hiding from me...

you weren't in class Saturday

I didn't teach

so you should have come because I wouldn't

have preached to you

I would have probably walked


past you

and I will always remember that swing

chipped and peeling,

me, sitting in your arms and pretending

you loved me too...

I was your wife in that dream

and in your arms my tears streamed

pat my back, "everything's okay, Meagan"

you have taken it all away

in the pillows I will no longer lay

...peeling away I will have to stay gone

and I will always remember that day

when I would


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Katie H.'s picture

wow...that's intense. I liked all of your metaphors and similies...about laying in the pillows and peeling
...there were also very creative adjectives and terms..such as "jumping dogs and fireflies"... that line definitely caught my attention. awesome poems and thanx for your comments..i really appreciated them = )

vipervenomnu's picture

Ahhhhh! I love perfect metaphores. Very nice job on the use of the swing and it's outward appearence relating to your eventual inward feelings. You seem impressed with my poetry, but my poetry is no more impressive than yours. We see what we want to see and I see good things in you as you saw good things in he has taken away your security and forced your fall. Good people often fall far, great people fall far and in time return to were they once were, and the greatest people of all fall far but eventually rise above to and stand in a place that no one, least of all themselves, thought they could ever stand. The point is that all of us, no matter how meager nor how great, will fall. It is the greatness inside you that will determine where you end up.