I Could Be Dead


I might be dead but I'm still walkin'

still strugglin' to dig up out this ground

I feel the earth shake beneath me

feel you tuggin' at me again and

I know I'm dead but I got to keep trudgin'

'cause you're callin' me pullin' on me

to keep steppin' keep your meter going

you'll never be showin' your love for me again

you keep pushin'

keep longin' for me to come again

I know your cravings come in dump-loads

and that will keep me walkin' even though

I know I should be restin' not protestin'

against your need for me again

pullin' me back down so you can come up

can't you see there's nothin' left?

I'm gone

that's it

the end

no more

don't you see?

will I have to show you?

will I have to crush you, punish you?

bring you down so you can feel so low too?

your sanity is slippin', sliddin'

as I push you down and rub your face in the ground

smell the earth

the rot

the stinch

feel how you're no more

but you have to keep walkin'


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was sitting outside on my front porch one beautiful, sunny day, and this came to me.

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tina_lynne's picture

the only thing i really don't like about poems like this, is that since we read the poem, we know you're alive... i know it seems very insignificant, but it just bugs me :)

vipervenomnu's picture

sounds like a song!