A Mother's Poem

The Old Stuff

That very first day you held me in your arms,

I knew you�d always be there for comfort.

The day I learned your name,

I knew it would stick forever.

When I took my first step

I understood you would always be my teacher.

There are so many things a mother can give,

So many people she can touch.

She�s something more as a mother than she ever was as a daughter,

A sister,

A wife.

You push me to the top,

To be what you never were.

You stretch the boundaries far and wide

To make sure I get through.

You love the unloved.

You heal the hurt.

You cry the tear of another�s sadness.

�Mother� is a title

As special as a queen,

But something more.

�Mother� is a teacher,

Paid not with money

But with love and respect,

�Mother� is my mother,

The one I love,

The one I cherish,

The one I will never let go.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written for Mother's Day 2001

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