Wifey Material

The kind of woman I want to give my name to,
No time for games, just need a life with you;
You stood strong and never dissappoint me,
Much praise to God for a woman to annoint me.

Such a bride to be...

At times I was haunted by malicious past,
You consoled me without having to ask;
Yesteryear I was an empty soul seek his heart,
Today I know I can find it wherever you are.

Cannot wait to make you wifey...

I see me standing at the altar,
As you walk down that very aisle;
Ready to share this life, never faulter;
Tears fall as I say my own vow,
After the chior sings so emperial,
I recognized you were always wifey material.

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this is really, really good,

this is really, really good, the words just flow, keep going with the work